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Chemistry Bingo

Here is a Bingo created for the Acids, Bases & Salts lesson in Class X Chemistry Syllabus.

Click on the link below to view the bingo and print it or copy it. At the end of the document the clues to be called out are included for the Bingo caller.

The words selected are as follows:

Chemistry Bingo

The clues are as follows:

Google document

Bingo is created using this site: https://bingobaker.com

To play this bingo online go here:

To play Bingo for any subjects we can select the words, prepare clues as per the definitions or related info, or whatever the learners have to know for examination purposes. Then we can ask the learners to prepare the Bingo columns using their notebooks or sheets of paper. Or we can print out the Bingo boards and distribute.

Write the list of words on the bb or white board. Ask the learners to copy the words in any order in their bingo board. Call out the clues prepared in advance and ask the learners to mark the words on their bingo. Ask them to call out if they finish one row or the full house.

The purpose of the game is to help them learn for their examination in a stress free, fun way. So after playing once you can give them the clues as well as words, ask them to learn it and play the game again as a whole class or in smaller groups.

Encourage the learners to play the game as homework or in free periods for fun. .We can also assign homework for the learners to prepare their own bingo games.

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Mnemonics For Scoring Better in Examinations

For examinations and tests we may need to commit to our memory some bits of information in any subject. Mnemonics can help us mainly to remember lists of words and order of things.

Mnemonics are memory devices that improve our memory to remember details especially in the form of lists like the atomic value of elements, the order of adjectives, characteristics, steps, stages, parts, etc.

How do we use Mnemonics?

If we have a list of words to remember in the same order, we take out the first letters of each of the words and make a sentence that we can easily remember.

For example, if Class X learners need to learn the first 18 elements and their atomic values they can use Mnemonic tricks.

Composition of Atoms of the first 18 Elements

If we take the first letters we will get H for Hydrogen, H for Helium and so on. Taking all these letters we can try to create a sentence for ourselves. 

Here is a sample sentence:

Have her light brown blue candles at night Over flashy neon streetlight, make all sleep peacefully, soon children awake

If learners memorise this sentence and then try to link the first H with Hydrogen, the second H with Helium, Lithium with the L of light etc. they can easily remember the order. The atomic numbers 1 to 18 can be easily remembered. Since the number of protons and electrons remain the same, they only have to learn a few calculations to learn the whole table.

In the same way if the learners want to know the order of adjectives in a sentence, they can use Mnemonics.

The order or adjectives in a sentence has the following pattern:

Opinion, Size, Physical quality, Shape, Age, Color, Origin, Material, Type, Purpose


The first letters are OSPSACOMTP

Now let us try to create a sentence with words starting with these letters. They can be any words but when we read the sentence it should make a visual impact that remains in our memory for a longer time.

Mnemonic Sentence:

Oh! Spiderman paints sky and clouds orange mountain tops pink

Example sentence using multiple adjectives: She is a beautiful, tall, thin, young, black-haired, Indian woman.

The sentence we make for Mnemonics should be memorable and create a picture in front of our mind's eye. Then alone we can remember it for a long time. It is also important to associate the beginning of each word in the Mnemonic sentence with the original words they stand for.

Let's try it for one more subject. In computers you may need to remember the following and know which is bigger than which one.

KMGTP - these are the first letters. So we can make a sentence like

Keep, moving gadgets tied properly.

We can imagine the gadgets running away and someone advising us to keep them tied properly.

We can visualize this image in our mind. We should not forget to relate K to Kilobyte, M to megabyte and so on.

We can also create Mnemonics in our own languages.

கஞ்சகருமி மொட்டமண்டை குண்டு தக்காளி பூசணிக்காய் 

कल मंडप गिरके टूट पड़ा 

The beginning sounds of these words are KMGTP

Try to use this Mnemonic trick for whatever you want to remember

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Learn From Birds

Observed: Birds never settle down unless they have 
ensured that their escape route is tested and tried.

Learnt: I should not settle down in this world unless 
I try, test and ensure my escape route.


Yesterday slipping from the so called reality

has become an entry in the memory diary

to refer to if and when I decide to do so

Today is speedily following the trodden path

making way for the so called unknown future

A moment of stillness in this study of kinesiology

can lift me up to the true reality within me

metamorphosing the horizontal timeline to vertical horizons

The study of Suratiology has a tough entrance test

I need to join the coaching class of a Super Power

paying a heavy fee with my body and mind


Going up and down as I please

Looking around with no real purpose

Moving with the flow from time immemorial

Repeatedly returning to starting point

I contacted a cool current of peace

That has picked me up to drop me beyond space!


The preparatory training to board this spaceship is to sit still

Do nothing but just sit still

within and without

The Koel in my garden has perfected it

It is free of the latest technology that tampers with the training!

Watching Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

The fictitious facts of life fill my time 

whisking away my waking worrying hours

What little is left of this lifetime achievement

I am filling with fiction of frivolous minds

where evil is entertaining and everlasting

and any and all nonsense makes super sense

in terms of twists and turns and TRP rates

Flowers Get In Touch

Variety of happy flowers adorn the garden

Cherished memories of the sweet interaction

with the owners of the garden add fragrance

to the silky beauty waiting with patience

for a heart-felt warm recognition and

whispering a soft thank you for the appreciation!