What do you want to learn today?

Save Sparrows

Save Sparrows

Observed: Birds never settle down unless they have 
ensured that their escape route is tested and tried.

Learnt: I should not settle down in this world unless 
I try, test and ensure my escape route.


Yesterday slipping from the so called reality

has become an entry in the memory diary

to refer to if and when I decide to do so

Today is speedily following the trodden path

making way for the so called unknown future

A moment of stillness in this study of kinesiology

can lift me up to the true reality within me

metamorphosing the horizontal timeline to vertical horizons

The study of Suratiology has a tough entrance test

I need to join the coaching class of a Super Power

paying a heavy fee with my body and mind


Going up and down as I please

Looking around with no real purpose

Moving with the flow from time immemorial

Repeatedly returning to starting point

I contacted a cool current of peace

That has picked me up to drop me beyond space!


The preparatory training to board this spaceship is to sit still

Do nothing but just sit still

within and without

The Koel in my garden has perfected it

It is free of the latest technology that tampers with the training!

Watching Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

The fictitious facts of life fill my time 

whisking away my waking worrying hours

What little is left of this lifetime achievement

I am filling with fiction of frivolous minds

where evil is entertaining and everlasting

and any and all nonsense makes super sense

in terms of twists and turns and TRP rates