Hindi First, Second Third Persons

To learn Hindi we have conversations and sentence formation and more through audio video materials. You can check our youtube channel @want2learn. This is a basic book for those who want to learn the first, second & third person verb forms in Hindi through Tamil and English. The basic verbs is, are, was, were and will be are given with related sentences. Pronunciation is given English. If you have any questions or doubts you can discuss this in our community

खाई थी, खायगी, खाती है

First Person

मैं एक लड़की हूँ । I am a girl.

Mai ek ladki hoon.

तुम एक लड़के हो। You’re a boy.

Tum ek ladke ho.

कमल मेरा भाई है ।

Kamal mera bhaayi hai.

Kamal is my brother.

आप मेरे शिक्षक हैं।

Aap mere shikshak hai.

You are my teacher.