Hindi Plural Forms

To learn Hindi we have conversations and sentence formation and more through audio video materials. You can check our youtube channel @want2learn. This basic book gives you the plural forms in Hindi and the related words,. The pronunciation and meaning are given in Tamil and English. If you have any questions or doubts you can discuss this in our community

These words end in आ. The end letter aa changes to ए.

लड़का லட்கா (ladkaa) boy

लड़के லட்கே (ladke) boys

कुत्ता குத்தா (kutta) dog

कुत्ते குத்தே (kutte) dogs

घोड़ा கோடா (ghodaa) horse

घोड़े கோடே (gode) horses

कमरा கமரா (kamaraa) room

कमरे கமரே (kamare) rooms

पंखा பங்கா (pankaa) fan

पंखे பங்கே (panke) fans

बच्चा பச்சா (bachchaa) child

बच्चे பச்சே (bachche) children