Learn Phonics Hindi

More than English, our Indian languages are bettr suited to teach through Phonics. We have one letter for each sound and if we are able to introduce the letters not just in the alphabetical order but with a rhyme, story, pictures and games, learners will develop competence in reading Hindi texts very quickly and efficiently. While teaching Phonics it is better to start with rhymes and songs for each letter followed by a story and some activities with board games or paper pencil exercises. It is also useful to play online games for Phonics such as the examples given here.

The book that is prepared has rhymes, pictures, stories and exericises. At the nursery level the teacher can spend more time on the rhymes and tell the summary of the stories in a natural manner and make the children repeat the words in the story that are related to the sound being taught. At a later stage the same book can be given to the children to read the stories on their own. Discuss this in our community if you have more questions.