Pursuit of Peace and Bliss

Point of View

The little Myna looked
fondly at the heap of dung
full of swarming little insects.
Its mouth began to water
inhaling the delightful odour
it pecked at the smooth, soft emerald.
The well-dressed two-legged
pleasure loving creature
felt like throwing up
watching the Mina gulping with glee.
Holding his scented handkerchief
to the tortured nose
covering parts of the mouth
carefully avoiding a corner glance
stepped around the filthy hill
lifting up his beautiful dress.
The smart little busy business man
rushing to the share market
to make yet another heap of money,
saw him with a glass of silky wine,
acidic dancers packed in spicy flesh.
‘How stupid he is to waste his time
with this dirty wine and filthy flesh!”
he commented without slowing down.
The serious contemplator planning
his next book, next verse, next image,
saw him rushing down the street.
‘Money, money and more money!
Is that all these people want?
Why don't they wake up and
look at the beauty of nature?
Why don't they carve out a place
for themselves in this world?
he sadly poured out his thoughts
in a beautiful verse.
The saffron clad rigorous looking Sanyasi
apparently religious from head to toe
returning from a pilgrimage
having observed all the rituals
handed down by his great,
great, grandfather
saw him and wondered,
‘Why should he write stupid books
and hanker after name and fame?
Why can't he sacrifice the world
and earn some punya for the next birth?’
The simple looking helper of all
the saviour of the poorest of the poor
looked at him and exclaimed,
‘Why should people like him waste
time in meaningless rituals? Why can't he
help the poor to serve God? How stupid
he is not to understand
that serving the poor is service to God!’
The contemplating yogi, the meditator
walking the internal path with the
power of the mind
looked at him and smirked.
'Such people never learn.
Why waste all the energy in
outward activities? If only
he could save his energy and
practise meditation, he
could have helped himself
and others.'
The disciple of the sant,
the lucky one who had found,
the saviour of all saviours
looked at him with great sadness.
'Alas! If only you had found a person
who knows the highest goal
whence there is no return!
How far will you reach with the
help of the mind? How long will
you last there and in which animal
kingdom you may be born again?
How I wish everyone could find that place
where there is no mixture of
the mind with soul!

How I wish everyone can find
a person who can awaken the
Surat, the unmixed soul,
who can take us to the
ultimate goal whence
there is no return!
How I wish everyone can
develop love for that goal
and look at all other achievements
as filthy as heaps of dung and
stop pecking at them!
How I wish the Myna could become
a Sant one day!”
The supreme Sant
forever merged with the
Supreme God
the God of all gods
who knew the level of each and
the time required to make them fit
to receive the Bliss
kept mum with a
smile on His face.

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